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last update 11/18/99
Lawrence's Art Gallery
Copyright © Lawrence Turner 1999
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Up to 80% off art and craft supplies!

Lawrence's Art Links. Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts
Mauna Loa Theatre Complex Design Concept by Lawrence Turner
Mauna Loa Theatre Complex Design Concept copyright © Lawrence Turner 1985

Artists feel Art. Knowledge, Tools, Materials and Imagination combine to create Art. Each Artist has a unique way of executing his Art work. As an Artist works he develops his own individual style. Art is best experienced by feeling the Art. The smell, the age, the form and the visual aspects all combine to create a feeling of the Artisan behind the work.
Michelangelo Buornarroti ... Leonardo da Vinci ... Raphael Sanzio ... El Greco ... Peter Paul Ruebens ... Rembrandt van Rijn ... Thomas Gainsborough ... Francisco Goya ... Eugene Delacroix ... Joseph M W Turner ... Winslow Homer ... Claude Monet ... Auguste Renoir ...Paul Cezanne ... Vincent Van Gogh ... Auguste Rodin ... Henri Matisse ... Pablo Picasso ... Peit Mondrian ... Giorgio de Chirico ... Salvadore Dali ... Henri Matisse ... Anderew Wyeth ... Cristo ... all built upon the foundations laid by their predeccessors, expounding and compiling to reach a new plateau, by protraying their vision in unique and expressive manner!

Architecture requires the combination of artists skills with the skills of an engineer some of the best were ... Imhotep ... Ictinus, Callicrates and Phidias Anthemius of Tralles ... Isidorus of Miletus... Michelangelo Buornarroti ... Cristopher Wren ... Thomas Jefferson ... Charles Rennie Mackintosh ... Philip Webb ... Peter Behrens ... Walter Gropius ... Louis Sullivan ...Antonio Gaudi ... Le Corbusier ... Frank Lloyd Wright ... Ludwig Mies van der Rohr ... Louis Kahn ... Robert Venturi ... Buckminster Fuller ...

I, myself, am a avid follower of the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movement. I succumb to love of creating things with my own two hands. I feel the handcrafted woodwork, glasswork, ironwork, brickwork, fabrics and ceramics combined with the methods of production and the buildings in which much of the handiwork came to life associated itself with and harmonized with the natural environment.

Here we can only present the visual aspects of art that has been digitized. A tremendous effort is underway to digitize the existing visual information. Find below Links to Exceptional Image Galleries. All Links viable 3/9/1999.

Lawrence's Architectural Resources
Links to Art & Architectual Images
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: History Design Architecture - Exceptional design Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
Architectural Slide Library Search Yale Art & Architecture Library Art & Architecture Visual Resources UCSD
3D Models of Great Buildings Artists and Architects: Digital Imaging Project Raphael Stanze
Vatican City Jerusalem - The Baslica of the Holy Sepulcare Sistine Chapel
Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-1932>
Lawrence's Art Resourches
Links to Art Images
ArtSource Academic Press Image Directory California Heritage Collection
UC Berkeley Digital Library Photo Collection Getty Center Image Search ArtSource Electronic Exhibitions
Digital Photography Artist Index Art Resource Image Gallery Surreal 3D Art
D. Arenzon
Lawrence's Great Paintings Gallery
Links to Images of Great Paintings
France's National Museum Painters Renaissance Paintings Gallery Famous Paintings Exhibition
Raphael Leonardo da Vinci Russian Painters
Paul Cezanne Vincent van Gogh Claude Monet
Eugène Delacroix Francisco de Goya Giula Colton
Lawrence's Sculpture, Artisan and Craftsmen Gallery
Links to Images of Scupture, Ceramics and other Artisan's and Craftsmen
Artisan Legacy NGA - Index of American Design Virtual Ceramics Exhibit
The Stuart Sculpture Collection Virtual Stroll through Sculpture Garden Wood Fired Ceramics
Art Net Studios Fine Art Wood Sculpture
More architectual drawings and more art work to come! Links to graphics! More links to art work!
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