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last update 3/13/99

Lawrence, Lawrence's Family and Lawrence's Friends

Hi! I am Lawrence! You already know who I am! You say we haven't met? When then come on, sit down in a comfortable chair and will we get to know each other.
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You say you already know enough about me! I hope I haven't bored you. Well then maybe you would like to meet my family.
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You say you have already met my family! Wonderful aren't they. I am one lucky man to have such a great family! Well then maybe you would like to meet some of my friends!
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Did you enjoy meeting my friends? Would you like to be my friend? I am always open to another honest, sincere, and mutually beneficial friendship! Perhaps none of this is what you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for family tree information? Well although it is not here yet, it will be soon!
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Perhaps you came to view my Memorial. My memorial section is a small section in memorandum to individuals that have had a major impact on my life, mostly through the love they expressed for me.
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