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last update 3/15/99

Copyright © Lawrence Turner 1999
Lawrence Turner's Philosophy

Each individual lives according to a philosophy that he/she has embraced. Some have done so consciously while others have done so unconciously. Very seldom is this philosophy of life in stasis. It is constantly evolving. It has taken me many years to learn to live with myself. I have learned to live with myself by taking heed of the emotions and feelings generated by my thoughts, actions and speech and my reaction to the thoughts, actions and speech of others. I have come to accept that which is in me by understanding how and why it is there. Much comes from being taught by my grandfather, grandmother, father and mother and a long line of mentors and teachers for whom I hold the greatest respect. A more subtle but extremely powerful and valuable amount of understanding comes from an examination of my reaction to feelings generated by experiencing living.

Live modestly
Keep all promises
Be compassionate
Always respect others
Learn endurance of labor
Modesty and humility are virtues
Live comfortably by living in accordance with nature
Work with my own hands, the results are much more satisfying
Labor for that which pleases oneself, not unwillingly, nor without regard to common interests
To respect nature, without plants and animals there would be no life
Simplicity in living, too much complexity breeds confusion
Meddle not in other's affairs, advise only when asked
Write with simplicity, clearly and succinctly
Beneficence, live as altruistically as possible
To want little, accept what you have
Benevolent disposition, be friendly
Make no excuses
Contain anger
Be self sufficient
Take care of one's self
Love truth and justice
Rationally order intentions
Compose oneself with dignity
Avoid wasting time with trivial pursuits
Cheerfulness and humor in all situations
Help others with whatever tools are available
Always work to improve and develop character
Live life to the fullest knowing it may end at any moment
Consider oneself equal to others and others equal to oneself
Study the nature of the whole and it's relation to one's own nature
Groom self respect by abiding by what you know to be the right course
Act with purpose and in accordance with one's beliefs, stand by principles
Observe constantly changes taking place in the world around one as all things are interrelated
Thank the one true and almighty God for giving you the faculty to reason and the amazing beautiful and complex universe to inhabit
Copyright © Lawrence Turner 1999

Here follows excerpts from writings that have inspired me:

The apostle Paul I Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love is patient,
Love is kind,
and is not jealous;
Love does not brag
and is not arrogant,
does not act unbecomingly;
does not seek its own,
is not provoked,
does not take into account
a wrong suffered,
does not rejoice in
but rejoices with the Truth;
Bears all things,
Believes all things,
Hopes all things,
Endures all things.

from The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius- Book V

Reverence that which is best in the universe; and this is that which makes use of all things and directs all things.

Be not disgusted, nor discouraged, nor dissatisfied, if thou dost not succeed in doing everything according to right principles; but when thou hast failed, return back again, and be content if the greater part of what thou doest is consistent with man's nature, and love this to which thou returnest; and do not return to philosophy as if she were a master, but act like those who have sore eyes and apply a bit of sponge and egg, or as another applies a plaster, or drenching with water.

I go through the many things which happen according to nature until I shall fall and rest, breathing out my breath into that element out of which I daily draw it in, and falling upon that earth out of which my father collected the seed, and my mother the blood, and my nurse the milk; out of which so many years I have been supplied with food and drink; which bears me when I tread on it and abuse it for so many purposes

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Copyright © Lawrence Turner 1999
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