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last update 8/1/99
Lawrence's Bar-B-Que
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The Oak Pit

Fresh vegies and
meat on a scewer

168 at one time!
How shall we serve them?
Well here is one way!

Sliced fresh Lemon Boy and
Beefsteak Tomatoes with fresh Lemon Thai Basil, Balsamic Vinegar, Capers and Roquefort Cheese Crumbles surrounded by Chili and Bell Peppers from the Garden

to Lawrence's Oak Pit and Mesquite Smoker

I love to cook! Am I a chef? I guess that all depends on your outlook! No formal training. My training began as I eagerly awaited my next meal. Mom said, "Well if you're so darn hungry come and help me!" So I did. By the time I moved out of my folks home I was proficient at feeding myself and my ex-wife a variety of balanced meals. (Mom always served a healthy balanced meal and she believed in variety too! My ex-wife had not been taught how to cook so I taught her!)
My wife, Marilin, opened up a whole new world of variety in foods for me. I rarely went out to eat before I met her and during our courtship we went to a wide variety of quality dining establishments. That was nearly 10 years ago. The greatest difference in my cooking has come in my use of higher quality fresh ingredients. I grow my own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Can't get any fresher or healthier. I rarely use processed foods preferring to start with the basic ingredients.
My greatest speciality lies in the preparation of foods on the Oak Pit or Mesquite Smoker/Bar-B-Que. ( I've been practicing Bar-B-Que and Oak Pit for 25 years)

Just happened across this site and thought the recipes sounded great!
Throw It On The Grill!

Links, more photos, and recipes to come!
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Copyright © Lawrence Turner 1999