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Lawrence's Benches
There are several benches set in opportune spots throughout the yard. Two benches were built the Christmas of 98 for my wife Marilin. Hearts act as the arm rests support. The back of the bench has a heart shape cut out as a focal point. The matching pair sit adjacent to one another on a ten foot by ten foot checkerboard of pavers. The third bench completing the conversation area hangs by two chains from a tree branch above. The swing, the favorite, is very comfortable on warm afternoons as afternoon breezes cool the whole area.
Unique original bench design after the Mission Style Detail of Lover's Bench

Another bench I built was done in a square, straight backed manner out of hardwood in a style reminiscent of Mission. The bench is held together only by interlocking dowels. Sited adjacent to the backdoor this bench is very functional. Near the front entrance of the house, in a small Azalea garden there is a lovers bench sitting next to a fountain. This bench sports a heart motif as well. Very cool on a summer evening it is the ideal spot to sit and listen to the gurgling of the water in the fountain. A concrete bench sporting a classical roman style is perfect for warming up on cold winter morning or for cooling down on a warm afternoon. One final bench, found in a shady spot under the apple tree, is worthy of our attention. This bench is a decorative turn of the century style cast iron with a hardwood slat seat. The decorative cast iron work of the back is based upon the rose vine.
Cast concrete Classical Roman Bench
Faux cast iron, cast aluminum bench by fountain

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