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last update 12/10/99

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I am Lawrence Turner. I love to design and build things. I design and build furniture both interior and exterior, playhouses for children, houses for pets, and treehouses. On the natural side I am an avid gardener and I grow all my own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Last summer I grew a dozen varieties of basil, along with fresh tomatoes. I love to hike and camp in the desert and the mountains. I watch birds from my canoe as I paddle around in clear mountain lakes and in my backyard where many birds stop off on migratory routes. On the cultural side I love beautiful works of art, a tantalizing variety of food, and good music (all kinds). I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Please take a look around and enjoy yourself. I add new material regularly to keep my site fresh, so check back often! I appreciate your visit. I am always open during construction!

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE! There is a little something in each section now! Watch here for improvement updates!
Contru  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Treehouse Photos of projects at home!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Garden A veritable oasis in the desert!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Family Meet me and my family!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Woodshop Links to tools, wood, methods and finishing!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Kitchen Bar-B-Que Hotlinks!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Wildlife What a wildlife!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Art Studio Art, graphics and more!
Construct  26.7 Kb Lawrence's Library Research links, books and music!

More photos! More stories! More art! More receipes! More garden knowledege! More projects! More links! More music! More fun! Thank you for visiting my site! I will look forward to seeing you again. Founded 2/1/99.

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